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Bill Dane, photographer

I can’t remember how I crossed paths with Bill Dane. We went to the same high school but he was ten years ahead of my time. I’ve never met him in person but we correspond every once in a while. His writing is like a zipped file.

Bill Dane is the best artist I’ve ever known. They call him a street photographer but don’t let that fool you. His images take my mind to places it’s never been before. Most of them don’t even look like photographs. Stirring up the depths of the psyche, unpacking the human condition, finding the bizarre in the mundane and vice versa, starkly human, historical, momentary, naked, radiating holiness. He’s so prolific yet not one of his pictures looks like any other. How does he do it? Each image is obviously made with meticulous care yet I have no idea what he does to pull it off. It’s magic.

See Bill’s work at

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