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Greetings U 68 fans and followers.  Here's an update from another of our counterculture cast members. 

"Your greatest health risk is your age," said the young Kaiser doctor at my annual checkup yesterday, as she tried unsuccessfully to hide her smile. Ah yes.

But I heed her advice to exercise, minimize alcohol, eat veggies, take calcium & meds, wear sunscreen and orthotics, think positively in spite of the news, and read all those articles about how to cope with stress and prevent Alzheimer's.  Oh and try new things.  I've learned 3 chords on our son's guitar, amazing.

When I have a minute away from my Age Management activities- and can remember what I should be doing -- I reply to emails, go to work, rehearse, perform, show up late to meetings, cook, clean, launder, try to give emotional support to dear ones, sit in traffic, sit / stand on public transit, read, cry, laugh, watch movies, forget/ remember, volunteer... gee, I wasn't busy until I wrote these lists, which I'm sure are similar to all the other age-challenged folks.  Guess I'll take a nap.  

Oh, still in Oakland. Head East next month to spend time with Siblings.

Best wishes to all,


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